Le Grice Automotive is able to tackle a broad range of projects. Whether for individual vehicle projects, or proposals for mainstream and premium brands.

Done with discretion, it is a set of services which can also help bring additional complementary capability to internal Design Teams within major OEMs. A distinct and special view adding a fresh approach to vehicle projects.

Team Expertise

The creative team is all important to the Design process and to achieving the right result. Trust in the skills of individuals and their knowledge and experience, helps build confidence in the end result and harmony through the process. A team which listens attentively to requirements and is flexible enough to react, while being confident in its own course of action, is a potent blend.

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Full end-to-end service

In association with reputed Engineering and Modelling providers at the Envisage Group we are able to provide a full end to end service. This includes Exterior and interior Design, Detailing, Colour and Materials as well as individual tailoring and Bespoke. It is an offering equally appropriate for one-off projects right through to limited production.

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Strategic Analysis

Setting the right tone, context and scope right up front in a project is a vital part of correct targeting. This front-end approach to any project can include market analysis, thematic and aesthetic studies - clearly identifying the Client’s needs maximises the chances of satisfaction with the end result, while being more efficient through clear decision-making along the way.

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Part of the capability which can be offered is cutting edge Digital Surfacing, Animation and high end VR in association with a world leading Immersive Virtual Review company. These tools enhance Design quality and go further in streamlining the Design Decision making process.

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