Mercedes Benz

Vehicles like the A Class and SLK began in Advanced Design under Bruno Sacco. As part of this new team we created a number of innovative concepts and products which opened up the Mercedes brand and broadened its product range. They were part of forming the modern era of the company.

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Returning to the UK and the Rover Group team led to my central involvement in production cars like the Rover 200, and the interior of the Rover 75. But most provocative and perhaps revolutionary were the Spiritual Mini concepts which I regard with a special pride and affection. Helping to re-define the Mini brand with BMW, both the Spiritual and Spiritual 2 were shown at Geneva in 1997.


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Early in the year 2000 came the opportunity to work in London at the Ingeni studio with J Mays and Henrik Fisker. Working with a highly talented set of Designers many projects were conceived for the Ford Brands and external clients.  Vehicles, Product and Brand Design were all part of the wide ranging brief for this revolutionary “think tank” studio. The Ford Faction concept car shown at Los Angeles in 2001 was part of my work there, a pre-curser to the Urban SUV concept.


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Land Rover Advanced Projects

While working within the Advanced and Strategic Design teams, early concepts for the vehicles which became today’s Range Rover and Range Rover Sport, as well as the new Discovery Sport were all developed and refined. Products which have become a mainstay in the company’s renaissance.

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Range Rover Evoque

Returning to Land Rover and working under Gerry McGovern, the search was on for a “break-through” product to bring the Brand right up to date and relevant to a 21st Century audience. I was central to the project which defined the concept positioning and then the LRX Show-car. This was the car which became, almost unchanged, the Range Rover Evoque - a vehicle which has defined a new vehicle category and is already considered a modern Icon.


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The DC100 concepts followed on in 2011 and were an expression of Defender principles fit for the modern world, rather than a literal replacement of a classic. Expressing the sense of “Fun and Functionality”, both the resulting show cars brought to life Land Rover Brand values in a truly modern way.


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NAIC and Design Research

The last few years involved bringing together and guiding a new team to provide a fresh capability within JLR, the Design Research Department. Building this team, alongside helping develop the actual building and Design studios, will deliver a “State of the Art” capability at the Warwick NAIC in 2017.


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